Our Story

We are Wellborn 2R Ranch – a historic ranch in Henrietta, Texas, located two hours northwest of Dallas. Cattle have been grazing our ranges since the 1870s along with generations of families and cowboys that have tended to them. The combination of optimal cattle growing land and the accumulation of 150 years of experience allows us to produce the best, all-natural Black Angus beef you can buy.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to excellence because the consumer deserves a superior beef product with transparency throughout the process. We ensure traceability from birth with a third-party verification system to offer consumers additional assurance about where their food comes from.

Our cattle graze on wide open pastures with cowboys on horseback taking care of them using sound stocking principles. We spare no expense to select cattle with superior genetics and we insist on using specific care and feeding methods. We grow our beef the way nature intended – all natural with no hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is grass-fed and grain-finished, which means cattle start out eating the native grasses on our ranch before grains are introduced into their diet to produce meat with the desired marbling and taste. With all the care and oversight each step of the way, the end result is high quality, tender, nutrient dense beef consumers can feel good about eating. We are proud to share the story of our ranch and the amazing beef we produce for consumers nationwide.

You can rest easy in knowing Wellborn 2R is the very best beef you canprovide your family with a humanely raised and naturally grown, premium product. You can be confident in where and how your beef was raised.

Wellborn 2R Ranch City Guide Video

A recent coverage from Channel 6's City Guide about Wellborn 2R Ranch.

From Our Ranch to Your Door.

All Natural. Premium. Wellborn 2R Beef.

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