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Summer Ground Beef Sale

100% Delicious, 100% All American Beef delivered right to your door! And just in time to fill your grill this summer - we are having a SALE on our premium all natural ground beef. 15% off for a limited time only!! Stock up and save! It doesn't get any easier. Or tastier.

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6 All Natural Tenderloin Filet Steaks Gift Box!

A Taste of Texas: Six of our rich and flavorful 5-6 oz. USDA Prime All Natural Tenderloin Filet Steaks hand-picked by our butcher. Also known as filet mignons, these are the leanest cuts available, yet marbled enough to deliver full flavor. Steaks of this quality are exceptional. They aren’t just a great gift – they are going to make a special memory for the receiver.

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ranch hand specials

We are deeply rooted in Texas history and committed to excellence in all that we do. It's really important to us for our customers to know our story.

Discover the Difference in All Natural Premium Quality Texas Beef

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