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Wellborn 2R Ranch is established and Family Owned & Operated Since 1870. Our ranch is made up of two main tracts – the original Scheer Ranch and the Priddy 2R Ranch and encompasses 8,300 acres located near the town of Henrietta, Clay County Texas. The location just happens to be almost dead center of the distance between the East and West coast of the United States. Like other ranches in Clay county, the Wellborn 2R ranch is the ideal place to raise Black Angus cattle and Coastal Bermuda Hay.


At Wellborn 2R Ranch, traditions transcend technology. Our authentic, generational cowboys ride the range and the stewards of our land and livestock they oversee. For our cowboys, their company vehicle is a horse. Their office is the open range. Their schedule planner is the weather. The office water cooler is a stock tank. Their work friends are the four-legged kind – horses and dogs that help them get the job done.


We’re proud to have verified traceability of all Black Angus cattle from birth, ensuring a premium, American-grown product. Our high choice of premium beef didn’t happen overnight. It is the result of decades of research and diligent pursuit of quality. Everything we do here at the ranch is backed by generations of experience to bring you the highest quality meat you can buy. Wellborn cattle is hand-selected to meet merit and superior genetics standards, such as marbling traits.

certified angus beef


All bulls are registered Black Angus with the American Angus Association and in the top 1% of Estimated Progeny Difference (EPDs). The American Angus Association ranks our herd of Black Angus cattle in the top 25% of all Angus cattle in the nation.


We are picky about the cows and bulls that go into our herd of premium Black Angus cattle, and keep data on every calf that is born into the herd. Wellborn calves are always raised their mother and our cattle freely roams the prairie of our 8,300 acre ranch to ensure quality of life.


Our cattle enjoy grazing on open, native grass pastures with absolutely no hormones or antibiotics. All-natural grains are eventually introduced to diet to provide desired marbling and superior taste.


Impeccable commitment to natural care and oversight produces high quality, tender, nutrient dense beef creates a product consumers can feel good eating. You can see it. You can taste it. Our on site butchers take care and effort creating the perfect cuts of meat with superior quality.


Natural, verified Wellborn beef is carefully packaged and delivered direct from the ranch to your door.

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