The Cattle of the Wellborn 2R Ranch

Our cattle and our beef are the direct result of the 150 years of ranching history behind the Wellborn 2R Ranch. We have worked hard to create a premium American grown product. The story behind it is one every consumer should know…

Healthy, high quality cattle are a trademark of the Wellborn 2R Ranch.

Our high choice/premium beef didn’t happen overnight. It is the result decades of research and diligent pursuit of quality. Just like our
ranch, and our Black Angus cattle program has a history. Everything
we do out here at the ranch is backed by generations of experience
to bring you the highest quality meat you can buy.

Each animal that goes into our program is hand selected specifically
for carcass merit. All of our bulls are registered Black Angus bulls
and we have Estimated Progeny Difference (EPD) information on all

All of our Black Angus cattle are hand selected for certain genetic traits.

The bulls are selected for their marbling traits. We have bulls that are in the
top one percent of EPDs for marbling for all bulls that are registered with the American Angus Association. They have off the charts number for marbling which makes great contributions to our beef program. The American Angus Association ranks our herd of Black Angus cattle in the top 25% of all Angus cattle in the nation.

Our bulls are in the top 1 percent for marbling traits in registered Black Angus bulls.

We are picky about the cows and bulls that go in our herd of premium Black Angus cattle. We ride through them with a discerning eye and cut any out that aren’t up to our high standards. On the ranch, we use all of our own replacement heifers and with our source-verified tracking program we can tell which cows and bulls are producing the best calves to keep making our herd even better.

Ranch Manager Earl Wayne Reese has been keeping a keen on herd genetics for over 50 years.

We have data on every bull and every calf that comes through our all natural program. Our animals are tracked from birth and we use a
third-party verification system to ensure traceability throughout the entire process.

The Angus cows in our program are gentle and easy to work. The calves grow up big and strong with their mamas are taking good care of them.

Only the best cattle in the industry get to wear the Wellborn 2R brand.
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