The Beef of the Wellborn 2R Ranch

We are committed to bringing the most delicious, all natural beef to your table. No hormones or antibiotics never ever. Food you can feel good about feeding your family all year.

We are proud to offer a premium beef brand that combines the personal touch of a family owned business with a consistent, unparalleled product. It’s really important to us for our consumers to know our story. We are proud of our history on the land and the cowboy traditions we uphold on this ranch. Of utmost importance to us is to have cattle that are well cared for and offer premium, source-verified beef to our customers.

Deeply rooted in Texas history and committed to excellence in all
that we do – that’s the Wellborn 2R Difference.

ground sirloin
Our hamburger is hand ground with select cuts of meat right in the butcher shop on our ranch.

You can see it. You can taste it.

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