You have questions, and rightfully so. We want you to make the best informed decision you can before purchasing. If you have additional inquiries, reach out to us on our contact page & we will be sure to get back with you!

+ What Does All-Natural Mean?

Our cattle are raised the way nature intended—never given any antibiotics, hormones, or growth promotants. If animals are sick, they are humanely treated with the appropriate measures and removed from the beef program.

+ What Does “Aged” Mean?

After harvesting, our beef is aged in the cooler for at least three weeks to reach optimum tenderness and flavor. It produces a taste and experience we’re confident you’ll love!

+ Why Grain Finished?

Our cattle cattle are fed an all-natural ration for a few months prior to slaughter to achieve a highly marbled, tender, consistent beef product every time. Grain finishing also allows us to have a year-round supply of product for our customers.

+ What About Animal Welfare?

Our cattle spend a majority of their lives out on the open range at the ranch. Calves stay with their mamas until around seven months of age. Cowboys watch over the animals to ensure their health and wellbeing from the time they are born until they go to the feedyard. Every animal has an identification number and even while they are at the feedyard we are monitoring them daily ensuring maximum health and well being.

+ Where Are The Cattle Processed?

After the desired number of days on grain feed, our cattle are harvested in Texas. Final trimming and packaging are done by hand using expert butchers at our ranch.

+ How Does Shipping Work?

All product is shipped directly from our ranch freezers in Henrietta, Texas. Each order is packed into a nearly 100 percent recyclable box with ice packs to ensure the frozen integrity of the meat. Your beef should arrive frozen or chilled—weather conditions permitting. We ship to locations outside Texas early in the week to ensure delivery before the weekend. Since we are centrally located in the United States, shipments can reach mostly locations in 1-3 days using Ground Shipping, which is the least expensive. If shipments are going to the East or West Coast then customers may want to choose 3-day Shipping for the best results. on Mondays only to insure your product arrives safely frozen or chilled. We have taken great care to select packaging materials that keeps the beef frozen or very chilled for three full days. As long as it arrives chilled you can confidently put it in your freezer to enjoy when you are ready.

+ How Should I Handle My Meat When It Arrives?

As soon as you receive your product, place it in your freezer or refrigerator— whichever you desire. Product placed in the refrigerator should be cooked within two to three days. Be sure to follow label and package instructions to properly handle the meat.

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