Just What Makes our Beef “All Natural”

We sell our beef the way Nature intended, “all natural.” It’s food you can feel good about eating and feeding your family.

Knowing where your food comes from is the basis to knowing everything about what you eat. Where was it grown or raised? Who handled it? Where did it go from there? All of these things are essential in understanding the food production process and the importance of traceability. 

On our ranch we have carefully selected the genetics in our herd of Angus cattle not only for their great taste, but also because of their health, vigor and natural resistance to diseases.  All our beef is USDA verified “All Natural” meaning it has no artificial ingredients or added colors and is only minimally processed.

Our beef never contains hormones or antibiotics.

Our cattle are grass raised for the first six months of their lives and then introduced to an all natural grain diet to give the meat it’s final marbling and flavor.   When our calves are born, we give them  a number that uniquely identifies them in our database so we can track them throughout their lives. This data base is shared with “Where Food Comes From®,” which is a unique labeling program utilizing the authenticity of third-party source verification.

After the cattle are harvested, we wet age our beef for 30 days to ensure the ultimate flavor and tenderness. After the beef has aged, it is hand carved and trimmed, then packaged in durable cryovac packaging to prevent freezer burn and allow for extended storage in the freezer.

Producing “All Natural” beef they way we do costs us more, but it gives absolute control over the end product quality. We believe that is where our focus should remain because our mission is to deliver the best tasting, best for you, beef you can buy.   We think you will definitely notice the difference in taste and you can feel really good that you are providing your family the very highest quality, all natural product you can get.

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